Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sophitia's Shield

I know I haven't posted much progress but I have been making some. I actually finished a whole costume and wore it!

Here's a terrible picture for your enjoyment:

I'm of course on the left as Celes Chere, Amano styled. I brilliantly forgot my arm bands on this occasion but they are done. I'm wearing her to Animazement of course and even though she was a last minute weekend cosplay that was not at all planned. I might even be wearing her in our skit this year! Whoa now.

In other cosplay news I'm FINALLY making headway to finish Sophitia. Here's her most excellent shield.

Now everyone that knows me knows I am not a prop master. I tend to avoid costumes with props. I did have to enlist my family for this one. I needed the help, her costume just started intimidating me with all it's armor pieces and props. So my mommy came to my rescue! Have I mentioned she's the best Cosplay Mommy ever? (Which I am making the equivalent to 'Stage Mom' just not as scary). This beauty is thin plywood with spray insulation foam sprayed on top then cut to shape. We then stretched white craft foam using heat over the concoction. Mum left me to pain the shield. I used silver hammered spray paint for all the silver bits. The blue was a mixture of flat and metallic acrylic paint. The gold was painted with standard yellow gold spray paint then on top with gold metallic spray paint. Valspar makes the best stuff, it has glitter in it! I then covered the whole thing with a clear gloss.

Next up is... everything else. >.<

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