Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sophitia's Hair Clip (Do Da Diddy)

So as most of you know with Soul Calibur if you're not actively playing the game and pausing alot (which I'm not) then you have one basic reference photo. In this case:
Which is great for almost every other aspect of the costume... but what is up with that hair clip?! From this I could deduct that it is silver and has three things jutting from it. Word...

So I searched teh googles and found some fan art...
Okay... still have no clue what to do. So when I don't know what something look likes... I MAKE SHIT UP. So for this one I channeled all my own creative energies I had in this current point of the day (which honestly wasn't much) and I took things I already owned in my craft arsenal.

First was the silver glitter leaves, I chose these because I could build the look of the three silver jutting items and they seemed Grecian (leaves and all), they were also feather shaped. I edged the leaves with gold leaf to have them translate better to the next piece.
Then I added a pink piece of molded plastic leftover from god knows what, I painted the top gold with gold leaf (I use so much of this stuff I'm going to get cancer one day).
Then a blue glass bead to pull from the other blue details in the ensemble. I aged the bead with more gold leaf to give it a battle scorn look.
Glued it all together and then glued on a hair comb and voila!

Pictured on my brand new wig bought for the costume. It was super cheap (less than $20) and it's so soft, thick and beautiful! I got really lucky. The wig is un-styled, I just braided it really quickly and fastened with a flower since I have ONE ponytail holder to my name now.

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