Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Psyduck Progress

I'm trying this new thing where I take more photos of my costumes while in progress and take more detailed records of how I make them. Here goes!

Before I dive into today's project, here is the original design by Katherine Stocking (Cosplay Pirates and Best Friend)
It's adorable right?! I don't plan on deviating much from this design other than the wig. I'm opting for a more flapper feel to go with the head band so a short blonde bob wig.

So today I started at the bottom with Psyduck: the shoes.

I began with an old pair of gold flats I loved to death but they were starting to look rough. Because they were still comfortable and I'm a fan of recycling and cutting costs with Cosplay I saved them from a trash can fate.

I started by making a pattern with construction paper then I used the pattern I created to cut out pieces of craft foam. One for the sole of the shoe and one for the top. I hot glued them onto the shoe and brought the pieces of foam together with black gaffing tape (photographer sign numero uno). I then covered the shoe and foam with a natural cotton fabric of a khaki color using hot glue (my one true love).

Here's the end result:

I chose to photograph the shoes with the fabric for the main garment. Perfect colors in my opinion.

So stay tuned for the next part of Psyduck... or any of the other costumes on my docket.

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