Sunday, December 23, 2012

Deco Lolita Coordinate

OH HEY. It's been almost a year since I wrote anything here. I'm back? I'm sure I'll leave again. I simply get too busy during the year to make blog posts but I'm home for the holidays and have some time so here we go.

This coordinate is still in progress but it was quite the journey today. The idea for this outfit was my good friend Elizabeth's, she and I are on a mission to try out a bunch of Lolita styles. This one is my stab at the "Decora" style. She decided to make hers with candy and sweets so I went with fruits to go with hers.

Originally I had bought pink fabric to go with my elephant fruit print fabric and while starting the outfit today I came to the realization that the solid pink I picked out was absolutely HEINOUS. Thank god that sewing at my family's home means my mother to the rescue. She suggested using red instead and gave me an old handmade dress my aunt made her years ago. The skirt of the dress had these great box pleats so we took the skirt from from the bodice. The top skirt has the best fabric ever, elephants, fruit, adorableness. I wish I had bought more. The skirt has there annoying curves on them that I originally thought were a good idea and then I remembered while sewing them why they weren't. At least they look cute. The skirt from the dress was sewed underneath the scalloped top skirt.

I really love the look of high waisted Lolita dresses but unfortunately I didn't buy enough of the elephant print to allow for that, but I got a nice thick waist band in exchange. I lined each end of the waist band with hand made yellow Ultrasuede piping.  The bodice of the dress was taken from the red dress, it just seemed like the best idea at the time and I love the way it looks. The button up style is super adorable. I changed the buttons by adding plastic strawberries that I also used to decorate the glasses.

The sleeves were made possible thanks to my mother storing fabric away for years, it's an adorable print with small fuzzy cherries and french script. The band for the sleeves has the same elephant fabric, and yellow piping, which was an exersice in patience and "stitching in the ditch". At this point I felt silly for putting so much effort into a non-costume ensemble. I have a tenancy to do that though.

The headpiece was simple to throw together since it was the only thing I had worked on prior to today for the outfit. The tarts were made from a toy set called "Whipple", and the elephant is a battery powered night light I attached with velcro to my headband so I could take it off to turn the light on. The glasses were simple. I just glued strawberries and rhinestones on them. I'm still missing a hair extension I ordered for the wig before I can style it, it is due to arrive tomorrow however. I have also started on some bows that will probably be made into bracelets.

I feel like I'm over the hill on this outfit, it won't take too much to finish it, I'm pretty excited to see the end result!

Next up on my costume making rampage: Mami's school uniform <3 br="br">

Sunday, March 25, 2012

2012: A New Beginning

This year started out a bit ungracefully. I used to mind that, but now I'm enjoying the new calm after the storm. Essentially to put it very briefly: my old cosplay group: The Cosplay Pirates has disbanded. While at first I felt as if I had lost a child, I dedicated so much time to that group since it's inception, I have now found a new independence being sans group. I make what I want, when I want. I don't feel as pressured to do my costumes a certain way, I don't feel judged for not looking "perfect". My only critic is myself (the only one I listen to anyway).
So I could catch you up on everything you missed in my period of forgetting I have a blog, but instead I will just share with you a promise that from now on I do everything in my chosen hobby on my own terms, and let me tell you I have never felt better, I have never felt more like myself.

I will also share with you the fruits of my Sunday DIY labor! It's not cosplay, but it's still pretty.

These frames were excellent finds at Michael's. They were plain wood and I spray painted them to go in my roommate's and I new craft room. The first picture was drawn by my lovely best friend Katherine "Mayuge Seishou" Stocking (who I will never hesitate to cosplay with) the second was a fantastically trashy print I got at Katsucon that reminds me of my old Mustang and my last summer in Boone. Fitting prints for a craft room me thinks.

This next one was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest and it was just so easy I had to do it. It really is an awesome project that will make my craft room look extra classy.

And the last of the projects for today... Before:

Ugly vase from my grandma... just add spray paint, new lamp shades and some rope:

VOILA! Now they look expensive, updated, and very cool.

Maybe next post I'll have costume related work to show... ^.^