Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Apartment = NEW STUDIO

So some exciting announcements Blog readers! I just moved into my brand new apartment! I am typing this in my garage while I wait on paint to dry on Sophitia's Sword and Shoe pieces. This garage is the most amazing studio space! I've never had a place to keep all of my cosplay supplied before and a place to easily work on a multitude of different media. I can easily shift from sewing to props now! And the best part? I can keep my mess in one place!

Because of moving craziness I've been lazy about posting. But I have been working! I've been modeling as well! Check out these teasers from the Super Girl and Celes shoot!
Another excellent item of note: yesterday I was featured on the Game Informer Cos Blog! I'm feeling pretty excellent about that.

Sorry for no progress pics this time! Not entirely sure where my camera has gone with all the moving madness. Animazement is in one week though!

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