Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ichibancon Progress

Progress is slow, why do the holidays suck all energy and time? That and snow. I hate winter so much. However I have made slight progress... So here goes!

Berry- Tokyo Mew Mew
  • Wig obtained
  • pattern pieces cut
  • fabric obtained
  • planning sketch drawn
Chii- Tsubasa
  • Planning sketch done
  • wig obtained
  • started the inspiration one
  • photography one is all in my head thus far...

yeah... needless to say I have alot of work ahead of me.

On the bright side I got a dress form to help me. I named her Aldonza.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Already the Lineup is Changing!

So Ichibancon is now down one more costume. Not an issue however. Stephanie, Natalie, Regena and I are shooting for Katsucon to do that group now instead of doing it for Ichibancon. Works for me! It now gives me more incentive to be excited about Katsucon.

Honestly wasn't set on going at all. There are alot of people I adore that will be there and alot of people that I ABHOR that will be there as well. It was a very difficult choice to make but the enticement of a girl weekend with all my Raleigh girls makes it worth it. I mean, what can't you tackle with your girls behind you? So I definitely think that with my girlies I will have the stability in my anxiety to just happily avoid the formally mentioned people I abhor.

We're thinking we might do Masquerade. How fun!

I'm also one of the few people that get an audition to be a part of the maid cafe. So lets see how that goes too. I think it would be alot of fun to do that. It's something different for me. I'm shooting for different these days.

Plans are also solidifying for Animazement. I've been planning with Bish, Natalie, and Katherine for two different groups. The Gundam Wing group is looking HUGE! We're only missing one character. We have one overlap of character (everyone loves Duo) but with different costumes. I'm going to be Dorothy. She's not my favorite at all but she's the one I want to cosplay. I was always a Sally Po fan. The lovely Sonja Carter is going to be our Sally Po.

The second group I'm involved in for AZ also involves Miss Carter. She invited me to be a part of a Soul Calibur group, and I've always wanted to be a part of a Soul Cal group! I had to say yes and I get to be my favorite character (though not my favorite to fight with): Sophitia.

The last group I'm involved with for Animazement thus far is a Tenchi Muyo Group. Another group I've always wanted to be a part of! Sasami was always my favorite but I fit the look of Mihoshi better so thats who I'll be. This is a group with Bish, Stephanie, Natalie, Katherine and more.

Based on all these groups that are literally dreams come true, I'm going to dub Animazement 2011 my Convention of Childhood Dreams.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

So Much for Maetel!

Well this week I got super sick, I didn't even make it to the Cosplay Picnic. I have no voice at all. It's majorly sucky.

This means Maetel didn't happen. But because I have everything I need to make her I think I'll probably make her for Ichibancon.

This brings the Ichibancon list to:

Maetel- Galaxy Express 999. I never usually go solo with costumes but I've really wanted to do this costume for a while.

Berry- Tokyo Mew Mew. This is the main costume of the weekend as a part of a group with Sydney, Hilaree, and Katherine.

Chii- Tsubasa Chronicles. This one is going to be made by Ichibancon, but I'm waiting on a friend to send me a wig so it may or may not be worn. Also not associated with a group. It's more of a personal mission to redo my shit attempt at this before. Plus I have the most beautiful fabric EVER.

BB Hood- Dark Stalkers. This is going to be a part of a group with Stephanie, Natalie, and Regena: all my Raleigh ladies.

I start this weekend, health pending of course! So popping the vitamin C and sleeping this shit off.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Last Cosplay of the Year

This Saturday I'm going to the NC Cosplay Picnic and I'm going to make a new costume in honor of it. (Assuming of course I get off my butt and actually do that!).

I'm going as Maetel from Galaxy Express 999. I'm not terribly familiar with the series so I'm spending the day doing my research.

Total Progress: Downloading Galaxy Express 999 Eternal Fantasy to watch and familiarize myself with the series.
Plenty of images saved.
All fabric obtained.
Hat obtained.

Major Updates

Sorry, I've been MIA. But here is a quick recap of the Costumes you've missed since my last post.
This is my original design Tinkerbell worn at Anime Boston.

This was my Pre-con costume for Animazement 2010. It's closet cosplay for a photoshoot called: Super Girl's Day Off.

This costume was done in collaboration with Shawna Beaston. This is my steampunk fairy costume. Shawna made the wings, all else was me.

This was a Friday night dance outfit, mostly worn to promote the pirates and play with makeup.

On Saturday at Animazement I wore Steam Punk Sailor Venus again this time accompanied by Katherine of the Cosplay Pirates as Jupiter and Shawna Beaston as Mercury.

My main costume from Animazement: Lady Gaga from the Telephone music video. I was accompanied by Katherine also as Lady Gaga.

The weekend after Animazement I headed to Heroescon and went as Black Canary. I didn't get to curl my hair however because I spent the entire convention changing and prepping in a car.

I also got to wear Sarah's Poison Ivy costume at Heroescon. I had alot of fun being Ivy and I think I'll make my own soon!

This summer in Raleigh Katherine, Hilaree, Sarah and I went to an event called Animaze. It was a cosplay themed club night. We had a great time. I wore Steampunk Sailor Venus again. Sarah as Mercury, and Katherine as Jupiter. Hilaree wore her school girl uniform. This was the night we celebrated Katherine becoming a Cosplay Pirate.

For my birthday this summer I got to go to Otakon. This was what I wore for Pre-con. I was Asuka, and Sarah was Rei.

For Friday at Otakon I was part of a Disney group so I wore my Alice costume. Dawen got this shot of me.

Friday late afternoon I wore Sarah's Samus cosplay. I wish I had some better pictures but I only really wore it to go out to dinner with Blitz Cosplay and Ichigo Kitty at the harbor.

Friday night I did a beautiful photo shoot with Dawen wearing my Tomoyo Costume from Card Captor Sakura. It was my first time cosplaying as a brunette, my friends didn't even recognize me!

Saturday morning we woke up super early to do a photoshoot with Erika Weatherbee at sunrise over the harbor. So I wore Sailor Venus.

Saturday afternoon I was ready for some antics so I changed into Super Girl. Here I am with Rachel of the Cosplay Pirates as Laura Croft.

On Saturday night I celebrated my Birthday as Lady Gaga! We had a gaggle of Gagas and ran into even more. I had a great time telling everyone that asked for my photo that they had to wish me happy birthday first.

Anime Weekend Atlanta was my next convention. On Friday I went as Gwen Stacy in a Spideman group.

Saturday at AWA we debuted the Steam Punk outer scout group. I was Uranus.

Saturday afternoon I wore my Vocaloid Costume. I was really excited to make Lily, I was one of the firsts to cosplay her!

In November I went to NC Comic Con as Super Girl in my brand new Super Girl cosplay. Took two days to make this one, and I love it!

Before November left us I had the pleasure of getting a shoot with Jayce Williams or Photonxs. He did beautiful shots of all the updates to my Princess Lenna Charlotte Tycoon.

Thats what you missed! In my next post I'll talk about my last cosplay of the year and what is coming up next year!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Last night I went to a Zoo themed party as a peacock. Having being invited the night before I didn't have much time to create a costume but it has inspired me to create a peacock costume at some point. I mean, it's a prideful animal... I NEED to.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tinkerbell Progress

So this is the very very base of my Tinker Bell ball gown for Anime Boston. Get pumped.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Costume Progress

So the steam punk Sailor Scout costumes are starting to look awesome! Here is a sneak preview. Ignore my black bra please!

Friday, March 5, 2010

New Page

I've decided to turn the page on this sad, pathetic, heartbroken life I've been leading and I will show that I am doing this on the internet through this blog. This blog is now my COSTUME BLOG! I'll leave my emo ramblings for nostalgia sake but we're moving on in internet land and in life. I'd like you all to know that his phone number no longer exists in my phone.

But more importantly I'd like you all to know that I am eat, sleep and breathing this website update!!!

Here's a sneak preview:

Love it as I love it.

I'm pretty proud, it's both trendy and bright and alternatively cute. Definitely not what you see in a Cosplay website typically. And that is important since the Cosplay Pirates are not exactly typical.

In other costume news I'm doing costume photo shoots this weekend and the following weekend. Also planning my costumes for all of my cons until May 2011. Yes... 2011. My extreme love of planning requires this. And yes this is what I'm doing instead of thinking about losing the stupid fucking boy that I'm trying very hard not to view as the potential love of my life /pissedoffheartbrokenrant.

So we're funneling the energy I had spent on loving this said stupid boy into cosplay. Expect great things.