Thursday, January 27, 2011

After Ichibancon, before Katsucon

So here are the latest costumes added to the resume:

Here is the Tokyo Mew Mew group with me up top as Berry, and Katherine as Mint, Sydney as Ichigo.
Here is the new happy dance costume: Chii from Tsubasa Chronicles!

Also a new group with Katherine:

Not even talking about panels, our craftsmanship contest and hosting masquerade (which was awesome) the costumes were win. A major success! Now let's buckle down and focus on Katsucon.

So I'm in the maid cafe which is exciting but it's cramping my super cosplay planning style. But I have decided to make BB Hood. Maybe Maetel if I find the time. And I'm waiting on the word from Hannah to finish/make one of two costumes. So I guess we'll see what happens.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Berry & Chii

So Ichibancon is in 6 days and I am very much not ready, but I will be. I work best under pressure. The main dress for Berry is done. The only thing left is all the accessories. Which will be easy enough to knock out before the convention.

As for Chii... yeah... I start that tonight... I do have everything I need though to make it happen! Including a box full of Christmas ornaments to deck this bitch out right. I'm much more into decorating and accessories aspects of costuming so I know tonight's basic construction will be torture.

Also the projected Cosplay list is up to 37 costumes... oh dear god. 2011 should be a busy year.

I'm selling a costume:

Buy it, I'm poor. Kthanxbai.