Friday, March 18, 2011

Rydia Wig and General Head Progress

So the constant struggle with this costume is to decide which version to do. The classic Amano concept art version or the DS Re-release version. I still haven't decided but I needed to start working and since this week is the week of giving good cosplay head (lawls) then I decided to start. At this rate I'll have both versions >.<. So without any further ado:

General process here:

Starting with the feathers, the largest feather was an after Christmas sale find at Michaels. I painted a black feather gold with gold leaf for the second feather. The third non feather thing was a fake flower arrangement I attacked with gold spray paint back when I was doing Lenna. I love gold.

The flower is a clip I got at Claire's last September as part of a 10 for $10 deal. It was an odd shade of green and involved feathers and rhinestones. Not something I'd actually wear outside of costume mind you. So I added gold leaves from the fore mentioned flower arrangement, tipped the blossom with gold leaf and glued on a once white, now red rose also edged in gold.

The crown is foam and hot glue spray painted gold. I glued on green beads as the jewels, and attacked to two pins that hook to m hair under the wig.

As for the wig, I haven't done anything to it. I saved this beauty from my friend Stephanie who didn't love it as I love it.

So that begins Rydia! Lets see if this weekend between apartment hunting, bike riding, and website updates I can get some more progress on at least one of my costumes done!

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