Sunday, December 12, 2010

So Much for Maetel!

Well this week I got super sick, I didn't even make it to the Cosplay Picnic. I have no voice at all. It's majorly sucky.

This means Maetel didn't happen. But because I have everything I need to make her I think I'll probably make her for Ichibancon.

This brings the Ichibancon list to:

Maetel- Galaxy Express 999. I never usually go solo with costumes but I've really wanted to do this costume for a while.

Berry- Tokyo Mew Mew. This is the main costume of the weekend as a part of a group with Sydney, Hilaree, and Katherine.

Chii- Tsubasa Chronicles. This one is going to be made by Ichibancon, but I'm waiting on a friend to send me a wig so it may or may not be worn. Also not associated with a group. It's more of a personal mission to redo my shit attempt at this before. Plus I have the most beautiful fabric EVER.

BB Hood- Dark Stalkers. This is going to be a part of a group with Stephanie, Natalie, and Regena: all my Raleigh ladies.

I start this weekend, health pending of course! So popping the vitamin C and sleeping this shit off.

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